SC/TETRA Interface



The translator creates a grid file (PRE file) in accordance with the SC/Tetra file format from Software Cradle Co., Ltd.

Creating the SC/Tetra PRE File

The translator writes the SC/Tetra PRE file using a 3D unstructured domain file. The element types supported by the translator are tetrahedron, pyramid, prism and hexahedron. To create the SC/Tetra PRE file, go to "Output Menu > Select Solver" and select the translator "SC/Tetra". After clicking "Write input" you can specify options for the SC/Tetra interface:

The interface generates the SC/Tetra file in the current project directory. The suffix pre is automatically added to the SC/Tetra file name. The PRE file is written in FORTRAN UNFORMATTED BIG ENDIAN data format.

The translator supports the following parts of the PRE file: