RADIOSS Interface

Type of mesh unstructured
Dimension 2D and 3D


The RADIOSS translator writes a RADIOSS STARTER file version 3.1. The RADIOSS STARTER file is written in ASCII and contains the following information:

Creating the RADIOSS STARTER file

The translator writes the RADIOSS STARTER file using an unstructured mesh and its corresponding boundary conditions file. To create the RADIOSS STARTER file, select the translator "RADIOSS" in the "Output" menu. After clicking "Write input" you can specify options for the RADIOSS interface:

The interface generates the RADIOSS STARTER grid file in the project directory.

Defining boundary conditions for RADIOSS

To define boundary and volume condition click on the "BC" icon in the "Output" menu. Supported boundary condition types for solver RADIOSS are:

If no specific material is defined, the interface generates a distinct material ID number for each part. The default material law number is zero.