PRECISE Interface

Type of mesh multiblock structured
Dimension 2D and 3D


The translator creates the input files for the Rolls-Royce PRECISE CFD code :

The translator writes the PRECISE files from a multiblock structured mesh,  a boundary conditions file and parameters file (precise.par).

Generating the mesh

The grid must be written out as a multiblock mesh.

Note for meshes with rotational periodicity : Periodic meshes for PRECISE need the axis of rotation at (1.,0.,0.).

Select solver

The interface supports SI and Imperial units. Please select the solver with the approriate unit system:

"Select solver" → PRECISE(SI)
"Select solver" → PRECISE(imperial)

Setting the PRECISE Parameters and Options

Click on "Edit parameters" which brings up the Solver parameter window. Within this menu solver parameters and options are specified, such as title, scaling factor, solution type parameters and liquid spray definition. 

Within the 'solution type' panel,  parameters  are specified, such as turbulence model, density model, refererence temperature etc. The user can also define in this panel if he perfers to specify the exit and inflow massflow as absolut value or as proportion.

To define liquid spray size groups select the '+' next to "Number of Spray Size Groups" in the left-hand column. New Liquid Fuel Spray Definitions can be created by selecting "Create new" under the " Liquid Fuel Spray Definition" heading.  

Once the desired parameters and properties are specified select "Accept" at the bottom of the "Solver parameters" panel.  This writes the parameter file (.par) to be used in the translation process.  This is the minimum that needs to be performed to enable the PRECISE files to be written.

Setting Boundary Conditions

To set boundary conditions select "Boundary conds" from the Output menu. 
For the families under Volumes the zone can be specified as fluid (default) or solid

For the families under Surfaces the flow features can be specified, such as:

Non-Swirling Flow (Simple Definition) :

Swirling Flow (Simple Definition) :


Non-Swirling Flow (Comprehensive Definition) :

Swirling Flow (Comprehensive Definition) :


Creating the PRECISE Files

After clicking "Write input" you can specify options for the PRECISE interface:   Select "Done" to perform the translation.
The translator generates the Precise files in the Precise problem directory.