POPINDA Interface



Type of mesh

multiblock mesh


2D and 3D


The POPINDA interface writes a grid control file GRSDAT and a grid point file GRXDAT for a  multiblock mesh in POPINDA input format. The grid control file GRSDAT describes the global block-structure. The grid point file GRXDAT contains the grid coordinates for all blocks.

Solver parameter

Please click on the parameter icon to define the following solver parameter:

Creating the POPINDA logical file (.log) and grid file (.popform)

The translator writes the POPINDA files using a multiblock mesh, the boundary conditions file, the topology file and the POPINDA parameters file. To create the POPINDA files, select the translator "POPINDA" in the "Output" menu. After clicking "Write input" you can specify the following options for the POPINDA interface:

The interface generates the POPINDA files located in the project directory.

Defining boundary conditions for POPINDA

The following boundary conditions are supported for surfaces:




         Engine (Inlet/outlet)

         Internal Flow (Inlet)

         Internal Flow (Outlet)


         Singular Lines

         Actuator Disc




The interface supports translatory and rotator periodicity. The user needs to specify the absolute value of ICOMP in the boundary condition settings.

Partial matching Grids

The interface supports grids with hanging nodes.

Two-Dimensional Grids

The user needs to generate a 3D multiblock grid in ICEMCFD with one layer of cells in k-direction.