NUMECA Interface


The NUMECA interface creates grid files and boundary condition files of a structured grid in IGG file format.

Creating the NUMECA (IGG) files

The translator writes the IGG files using the structured domain files (domain.1 to domain.n), the boundary conditions file (boco) and the topology file (topo_mulcad_out). To create the IGG files, select the translator "NUMECA" in the "Output" menu from the ICEM CFD/CAE Manager. After clicking "Write output" you can specify the following options for the NUMECA interface: After clicking "Done" the  interface generates the NUMECA files located in the Transfer Shell. You may open a shell window in this directory by selecting the menu items "Utility" and "Transfer Shell".

Defining boundary conditions for NUMECA

The program supports the following boundary condition flags for faces:    SOL, INL, OUT, EXT, MIR, SNG, ROT


     MULCAD          DDN-Mesher      P-CUBE
     ------          ----------      ------
     1.FLAG          1.string1       NAME field    Enter a boco flag from the list above