NSU3D Interface


The ICEM-CFD/NSU3D translator writes the grid and boundary conditions in the NSU3D input file format. This consists of 3 files, a grid file (<filename>.bin), a boundary conditions file (<filename>.bc), and a component file (<filename>.comp).

Creating the NSU3D Input File

The translator writes the NSU3D input file using an unstructured domain file and its corresponding boundary condition file. To create the NSU3D input file, select the translator "NSU3D" in the "Output" menu from the ICEM CFD/CAE Manager. After clicking "Write output" you can specify options for the NSU3D interface:

Defining boundary conditions for NSU3D

The boundary conditions are defined with use of boundary condition types.  In addition, boundary condition patches can be grouped into components, and components can be grouped into bodies.

To define a boundary condition type on a patch, select in the GUI one of the following boundary condition types:

  • ITBC : Inviscid Wall option.  Data: Trailing Edge = Yes(0), No(1)
  • INSBC: Viscous Wall (no-slip).  Data: Trailing Edge = Yes(0), No(1)
  • IOBC3 : Freestream Boundary option.  Data:  P/Pinf, T/Tinf
  • FIN : Fan Inlet option. Data: Static Pressure (Pstat)
  • IFOUT : Fan Outlet.  Data: Stagnation Pressure (Pstag), Stagnation Temperature (Tstag)
  • To define the component name or body name of a patch, select "Component" or "Body", then enter the name of the component or body to which the patch belongs.

    In MULCAD, the same boundary conditions can be defined using the general boundary condition menu, as described below.

    Boundary condition type and data:

    1.FLAG      Enter one of {ITBC, INSBC, IOBC3, FIN, FOUT}
    2.NR        Enter 1st additional data if needed.
                For trailing edge, use 0 for yes and 1 for no.
    3.VALUE     Enter 2d additional data if needed.
    12.ATTRIB   Enter the string:  TYPE
    Component name:
    1.FLAG      Enter COMP
    12.ATTRIB   Enter the component name
    Body name:
    1.FLAG      Enter BODY
    12.ATTRIB   Enter the body name