NASTRAN Interface

Solver Nastran
Type of mesh unstructured mesh
Dimension 2D and 3D


The translator creates the NASTRAN input file using an unstructured mesh file, its corresponding boundary conditions file and parameter file (.par) .  

Select solver

Select solver "Nastran" in the "Output" menu.

Setup NASTRAN parameters and options

To create the NASTRAN input file, select the solver "NASTRAN" in the "Output > Select solver" menu from the ICEM CFD Mesh Editor. Click on the "PAR" Icon,  which brings up the Solver parameter window. Within this menu solver parameters and options are specified, such as:

Boundary Conditions Menus

Analysis Data Boundary Condition
Element Data
Property Data

Creating the Nastran input file

After clicking "Write input " you can specify the following options for the interface: A window opens to allow the specification of the files to be translated into the Nastran input file format.  An existing unstructured domain file must first be selected.   In addition, the output interface requires the boundary conditions file and parameter file (.par).  

The interface generates the Nastran input file in the current project directory.