This translator writes a description of a multiblock mesh in an ASCII neutral format. It creates 2 files, a geometry file and a topology and boundary conditions file.

Creating the information file

The translator writes the neutral files using the structured domain files, the boundary condition file and the topology file. To create the neutral files, select the translator "Multiblock-Info" under the "Output" menu. After clicking "Write input", you can specify options for the Multiblock-Info interface:

The interface generates the neutral files in the project directory.

Description of the neutral files

Geometry file (.geo)

The geometry file contains the range and list of node coordinates for each block of the grid:


Topology and boundary conditions file (.topo)

This file is divided in three sections. The first section lists the name and range of all blocks composing the mesh. The second section describes the connectivity of each block with the rest of the grid. Finally, the boundary conditions associated with each block, surface, edge or vertice are listed in the last section.

Node range of each block:

Connectivity for each block: contains the list of shared faces, edges and vertices

Boundary conditions for each block: