IMPNS Interface

Solver IMPNS
Type of mesh multiblock
Dimension 3D


The IMPNS interface writes a grid file for the multiblocks IMPNS flow solver.  The grid file is written in Fortran unformatted format and contains the coordinates of the mesh recorded in double precision.  The grid file name has the extension ".grid".  The  interface currently only supports three-dimensional meshes.

Creating the IMPNS  grid file

The grid must be constructed  from a finite number (nswbk) of streamwise blocks by splitting the grid domain up by complete crossflow cuts.  These streamwise blocks should be numbered consecutively from 1 at the upstream boundary to nswbk at the downstream boundary.  Each streamwise block can be split independently into any number of crossflow blocks .  All crossflow blocks of a given streamwise block must have the same dimension in the i-direction.  The i-direction runs from upstream to downstream.  Proper i-j-k orientation must be set prior to running the output interface.

After generating the mesh, the streamwise and crossflow block number of each block must be defined.  Under the menu "Output", "Select solver", select IMPNS.   Then select "Boundary Conds " and the current boundary condition file to edit.   The "Family Boundary Conditions" window will open allowing to set the block numbering on all blocks.  Note that each block must belong to a distinct family.  The figure below illustrates the process of setting streamwise block number 3 and crossflow bloc number 2 to family "BLOC22".

Once all blocks have been assigned a streamflow and crossflow block numbers, the IMPNS output interface can be launched.  Under the menu "Output", select "IMPNS Input".   A window will open to allow the specification of the files that will be translated into the IMPNS format.  Note that all structured block files (domain.1 to domain.N ) are automatically part of the input.  In addition, the output interface requires the topology and boundary condition files, as well as the name of the IMPNS grid file to be created.  Default names for the topology, boundary condition and IMPNS files will show up.  These can be modified as necessary.   The translator will add the suffix ".grid" to the IMPNS file.

The interface generates the IMPNS file in the same directory as the current ICEMCFD project.