HAWK Interface



Two different ICEM-CFD/HAWK translators exist, one for structured grids and one for tetrahedral unstructured grids. For each, a different HAWK Input file is written.

Creating the HAWK input file

The "structured" translator writes two HAWK input files, <filename>.sur which contains the grid information and <filename>.bnd which contains the boundary condition information. This translator uses a superdomain file (created from multi structured domains), the corresponding topology file (topo_mulcad_out) and boundary condition file (boco).

The "unstructured" translator writes one HAWK input file, <filename>.tet which contains both the grid and the boundary condition information. It is written using the unstructured grid file from the TETRA-Mesher (cut_domain.1) and the boundary condition file (boco).

To create one of the output for the HAWK solver, select "HAWK" in the "Output" menu then select "Write output". You can specify the following options for the HAWK interface:

Defining boundary conditions for HAWK

In MULCAD the boundary conditions and properties are defined using the "Unspec. Bound. Cond." menu. For grids generated with the HEXA-Mesher or the TETRA-Mesher, the boundary conditions and properties are defined in the "general bound. cond." menu of the DDN-Mesher Interface. Please refer to the General Remarks section for more details. For both interface (structured and unstructured) only string tagging is available:

        MULCAD          DDN-Mesher      P-CUBE
        ------          ----------      ------
        1.FLAG          1.string1 or 	NAME field	Enter the entity name
                          family name			(max. 5 char.)

Unstructured Output

Content of the '.tet' file:

Structured Output

Content of the '.sur' file:

Content of the '.bnd' file: