GUST Interface


The ICEM-CFD/GUST translator creates the input file necessary to run the GUST solver.

Creating the GUST Input Files

The translator writes the GUST input file, using a 3D unstructured domain file and its corresponding
boundary conditions file. To create the GUST input file, select the translator "GUST" in the "Output" menu from
the ICEM CFD/CAE Manager. After clicking "Write output" you can specify options for the GUST interface: The interface generates the GUST files in the Transfer Shell. You may open a shell window in this
directory by selecting the menu items "Utility" and "Transfer Shell".

Defining element groups GUST

In MULCAD the boundary conditions and properties are defined using the "Unspec. Bound. Cond." menu. For grids generated with the HEXA-Mesher or the TETRA-Mesher, the boundary conditions and properties are defined in the "general bound. cond." menu of the DDN-Mesher Interface. Please refer to the General Remarks section for more details.

Element groups

The program supports the definition of boundary groups and cell groups.   For mesh generated with HEXA or TETRA, these groups are automatically created according to the families.  For meshes generated with  MULCAD-PADAMM or P-CUBE, the groups must be defined by simply selecting an exterior wall  or block and giving it a name. This name can be any string of up to five characters long:

MULCAD define...
 1. FLAG Enter a name (max 5 chars)
Limitation (Return)