GSMAC-DF Interface


The ICEM-CFD/gsmacDF translator creates a formatted input file necessary to run the GSMACS-DF solver.

Creating the GSMAC-DF Input Files

The translator writes the GSMAC-DF input files using an unstructured domain file and its corresponding boundary conditions file. To create the GSMAC-DF input file, select the translator "gsmacDF" in the "Output" menu from the ICEM CFD/CAE Manager. After clicking "gsmacDF input" you can specify options for the interface: The GSMAC-DF formatted input files contains the following information:

Mesh and boundary condition file (.msh):

Initial value data file (.val):

Defining boundary conditions

The interface supports the following boundary condition flags:
Boundary Condition Type bcname bcflag
Inside (default) 0
Wall no slip (default) 1
Stress free outlet FOUTL 2
Fixed velocity FVELO 4
Slip on XY plane FSYMZ 11
Slip on YZ plane FSYMX 12
Slip on ZX plane FSYMY 13
Wall reflection FREFL 1

By default, internal nodes are assigned a bcflag equal to 0 and the boundary nodes a bcflag of 1.  To specify bcflag values other than the defaults, specify one of the optional bcname to a pre-selected family.  This is done using the b.c. GUI in MED, or using the b.c. menu in MULCAD or DDN Mesher interface:

        MULCAD          DDN-Mesher
        ------          ----------
        1.FLAG           1.string1        Enter the BCNAME string

Initial value data can also be defined in MED.