FLUENT V6 and TGRID Interface

Solver Fluent (V6.3)
Type of mesh unstructured mesh
Dimension 2D and 3D


The interface creates a FLUENT  (or Tgrid) grid file from an unstructured mesh, with the following grid sections:

Section Index
Comment 0
Dimensions 2
Nodes 10
Fluent Cells
Fluent Faces
Periodic Shadow Faces
Zone Section 39

The grid file can be written in ascii or binary format.

Select solver

Select solver FLUENT V6 in the "Select solver" menu.

Specify boundary conditions for Fluent V6

After generating the mesh, boundary conditions can be defined. Supported boundary conditions are:
Volume: fluid, porous, solid
Surface: axis, fan, interior, mass-flow-inlet, outflow, periodic, porous-jump, pressure-inlet, pressure-far-field, pressure-outlet, radiator, symmetry, velocity-far-field, velocity-inlet, wall

Write input

The user can write the Fluent file after saving the project.