FENFLOSS Interface

Type of mesh unstructured mesh (HEXA or QUAD)
Dimension 2D and 3D


FENFLOSS (Finite Element based Numerical FLOw Simulation System),  is a CFD code developed at IHS, University of Stuttgart, Germany. The translator creates a geometrie and a boundary condition file for the FENFLOSS solver.

Creating the FENFLOSS Input Files

The translator writes the FENFLOSS input files using an unstructured meshand its corresponding boundary condition file. To create the FENFLOSS file, "Select solver" → FENFLOSS in the "Output" menu. After clicking "Write input " you can specify the following options for the interface:
The interface writes the FENFLOSS files in the project directory.

Defining boundary conditions

To define boundary and volume condition click on the "BC" icon in the "Output" menu. Supported boundary conditions are:

Boundary faces Value
Balance BC integer value from 1 to 999 (default 1)