FANSC Interface



Solver FANSC
Type of mesh multiblock
Dimension 2D and 3D

The translator creates a grid file and a input file in the FANSC format. The input file contains information on the range of each block, as well
as its face neighbors and the boundary condition apply to it, if any.

Creating the FANSC Input Files

The translator writes the FANSC input file using the multiblock structured mesh, the boundary condition file and the topology file. To create the FANSC input file, "Select solver" → FANSC in the "Output" menu. After clicking "Write input " you can specify the following options for the FANSC interface:
The interface generates the FANSC files located in the project directory. The name of the grid file gets the extension .grid and the input file, the extension .IN.

Defining boundary condition for FANSC

To define boundary  conditions click on the "BC" icon in the "Output" menu. Supported boundary condition types for  FANSC are:

Singularity point

Singularity line
Connect with a gap
Euler wall
No slip wall 
Far-field (Riemann)
Engine inlet
Engine outlet
Subsonic inlet
Supersonic inlet
Subsonic outlet
Supersonic outlet

If BC type connect (IBC=40) or connect with a gap (IBC=50) to an other block, the orientation (IREV) of faces must be specified as follow, or the user can modify the block orientation (i,j,k) directly in MED and then avoid to specify IREV:

                            IREV    current face    connected face

                              0        (+j, +k)         (+j, +k)
                             20        (+j, +k)         (+k, +j)
                             11        (+j, +k)         (+j, -k)
                             22        (+j, +k)         (-k, +j)
                             12        (+j, +k)         (-j, +k)
                             21        (+j, +k)         (+k, -j)
                             13        (+j, +k)         (-j, -k)
                             23        (+j, +k)         (-k, -j)