CRUNCH CFD Interface


The CRUNCH CFD translator creates the formatted input file necessary to run the CRUNCH CFD solver.

Creating the CRUNCH CFD Input Files

The translator writes the CRUNCH CFD input files using an unstructured domain file and, optionally, its corresponding
boundary conditions file. To create the CRUNCH CFD input files, select the solver "CRUNCH CFD" in the "Output" menu of the ICEM CFD Mesh Editor. After clicking "Write input" you can specify options for the  interface: All of the grid information is contained in the *.gump output file. The interface generates this CRUNCH CFD file in the project's directory.

Defining Interprocessor Patches for CRUNCH CFD

To define a patch as an interprocessor patch, add a boundary condition to the family of  arbitrary name and enter as the integer value that of the face boundary condition number (10 <= ibc_bfn <= 15).

Defining Moving Grids for CRUNCH CFD

Currently, if you'd like the patches to be written out for a moving grid, choose the Moving Grid option in the
interface window. Also the user can specify the moving velocity in the boundary condition menu.

Please refer to the General Remarks section for more details on defining boundary conditions.