CONCERT 3D Interface



The CONCERT3D translator writes the grid and boundary conditions in the CONCERT3D input file format. This consists of 2 files, a grid file (<filename>.grid) and a flag file (<filename>.flag).

Creating the CONCERT3D input file

This translator uses a superdomain file (created from multiple structured domains) and its corresponding topology and boundary condition files.

To create the input files for the CONCERT3D solver, select "CONCERT3D" in the "Output" menu then select "Write input". You can specify the following options for the CONCERT3D interface:

Defining obstacles and boundary conditions for CONCERT3D

This interface supports 3D obstacles and face boundary conditions. To specify a 3D obstacle, select a 3D family or a block and tag it as obstacle.

External faces can be tagged inlet, outlet, periodic, wall or symmetry.

Faces on the external boundary of the superdomain can be tagged hole. This condition is only supported for the sides "BOTTOM" (jmin) and "TOP" (jmax).

If no tagging is defined, type WALL is used by default.