ANSYS CFX (CFX-5) Interface

Solver ANSYS CFX (CFX-5)
Type of mesh unstructured mesh
Dimension 3D



This translator writes coordinates, connectivity and family information of an unstructured mesh file in ANSYS CFX (CFX-5.2) format.

Creating the ANSYS CFX (CFX-5.2) Input file

The translator writes the ANSYS CFX (CFX-5.2) Input File using an unstructured mesh file and its boundary condition file. To create the ANSYS CFX (CFX-5.2) File, select the translator "ANSYS CFX" in the "Output" menu. After clicking "Write input" you can specify the following options for the ANSYS CFX (CFX-5.2) output interface:

The interface generates the ANSYS CFX (CFX-5.2) file  in the project directory.

Defining boundary conditions for ANSYS CFX (CFX-5.2)

There are no boundary conditions settings required for this translator. Note however that the family information is exported to the ANSYS CFX (CFX-5) file.