CFD++ Interface

Solver CFD++
Type of mesh unstructured mesh
Dimension 2D and 3D



The ANSYS ICEM CFD - CFD++ translator creates the input files necessary to run the CFD++ solver, version 96.03 and beyond. These are written in C-binary:

Creating the CFD++ Input Files

The translator writes the CFD++ input files using an unstructured domain file and its corresponding boundary conditions file. To create the CFD++ input files, select the translator "CFD++" in the "Output" menu. After clicking "Write input" you can specify options for the CFD++ interface: The interface generates the CFD++ files in the user specified directory.

Defining boundary conditions for CFD++

The boundary groups are defined by assigning a name to the external surfaces of the model. The translator generates automatically default boundary groups for all external walls not named by the user. A default group is created for each external surface family.