BAGGER Interface

Solver or Data Format Bagger
Type of mesh structured mesh
Dimension 2D and 3D



The translator creates a grid file and a boundary condition file in the BAGGER format. The boundary condition file contains the list of all tagged boundaries (name and range). The grid file is written in the PLOT3D format without the "iblank" array. Note that this translator accepts only tridimensional models.

Creating the BAGGER Input Files

The translator writes the BAGGER input file using structured mesh files, the boundary condition file and the topology file. To create the BAGGER input file, select the translator "BAGGER" from the "Output" menu. After clicking on the icon "Write input" you can specify the following options for the BAGGER interface:

The interface generates the BAGGER files located in the project directory. The name of the grid file gets the extension .xyz and the boundary condition file, the extension .bc.

Defining boundary condition for BAGGER

The boundary name and material name are defined in the "general bound. cond." menu. Please refer to the GENERAL REMARKS section for more details.

To define a boundary conditions for BAGGER, simply select a face and give it a boundary name and a material name.

        1.string1        Enter the boundary name
        2.string2        Enter the material