AIRFLO3D Interface

Type of mesh unstructured mesh
Dimension 3D


The translator creates an AIRFLO3D input file in ASCII or binary format using the following files:

The AIRFLO3D initialization file is located in the directory $ICEM_ACN/icemcfd/output-interfaces. The user can keep his own initialization file for each configuration in the project directory. This file should be named "airflow3d_data".

To call the translator, use the following menu entries:

The translator creates the airflo3d file in the project directory. ASCII files have the extension .dat, binary files have the extension .bin.

Defining boundary conditions for AIRFLO3D

From the menu "Output", click on the icon "Boundary Conditions". A window opens allowing to define boundary conditions for Airflo3d. Please refer to the General Remarks section for more details.

1. Boundary conditions related to domains:

To specify the initial velocity values for a domain, set the following variables in the boundary conditions menu:

If undefined, the default initial velocity values from the airflo3d initialization file are assigned to it.

2. Boundary conditions related to subfaces:

There are 4 valid boundary condition definitions for subfaces in AIRFLO3D. For each subface exactly one of the following boundary condition definitions is expected:

where Np is the plane number, Tw is the wall temperature and Vx, Vy and Vz are the three components of the velocity.