ACE-U Interface



The translator creates a grid and boundary conditions file in accordance with the MFG format for ACE-U. The file contains the following four sections:

Creating the ACE-U Input File

The translator writes the ACE-U input file using an unstructured domain file and its corresponding boundary conditions file. To create the ACE-U input file, select the translator "ACE-U" in the "Output" menu from the ICEM CFD/CAE Manager. After clicking "Write output" you can specify options for the ACE-U interface:

The interface generates the ACE-U file in the Transfer Shell. You may open a shell window in this directory by selecting the menu items "Utility" and "Transfer Shell".

Cell and Boundary Regions

For grid generated with the TETRA-Mesher or the HEXA-Mesher, the translator creates an ACE-U region for each valid family. The region names are then automatically set to the family names.

For meshes generated in MULCAD, the regions are created following the topology. Consequently there will be a region per domain and per subface in 3D, and a region for each subface and edge in 2D. Since family names do not exist in MULCAD, a special tagging is required in order to set the region names. Note that by default, these names are set to "Unknown".

    1.FLAG    Enter the region name (maximum of 5 characters)

Each region of the mesh is given a corresponding key number. The key number is used to associate cell and boundary elements to their attributes. The key number, attributes and region names are written in the boundary condition section of the mfg file.

Defining Face Attributes for ACE-U

The attributes are optionally defined on the mesh boundaries and interfaces. If no attribute are defined, the translator sets automatically all external walls to type "Wall" and all interfaces to type "Mat_Int".

To assign a face type, select a mesh surface (subface or face-family) and enter the type in the boundary condition menu of the mesh generator. Please refer to the General Remarks section for more details on how to set boundary conditions.

The valid boundary type flags are:

    MULCAD    or HEXA-Mesher 
    ------    ---------------
    1.FLAG   	1.string1	Enter INLET, EXIT, SYMM, WALL, or MAT
   12.ATTRIB	2.string2	Enter the word TYPE

The valid face attributes are written with the entity names in the boundary condition section of the mfg file.