SpaceClaim Product Highlights

In ANSYS 18, SpaceClaim further integrates the ease of use and rapid geometry manipulation capabilities into common simulation workflows. From large changes to behind-the-scenes enhancements, you'll see efficiency improvements across the board. You'll save time automating geometry tasks with the expanded recording and replay capabilities of SpaceClaim's enhanced scripting environment. As topology optimization and 3-D printing continue to grow, ANSYS leads the way with faceted data optimization and smoothing enhancements. Since visualization is a key feature in the SpaceClaim environment, this release adds a new fly-through capability that enables you to explore inner details of a model without hiding components or using cross sections.

Automate your modeling tasks

SpaceClaim has geometry scripting capabilities that give you the power to reuse any 3-D model — changing it as desired — and saves you time by automating rework in the geometry. You can also record changes to one version of a model and replay the scripts on later versions without additional effort. New in ANSYS 18.1, the powerful scripting functionality is now available in the SpaceClaim user interface and includes interactive features. This means you can create your scripts, access them via the ribbon bar and provide inputs at various stages along the way.

Automate Modeling Tasks

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Design lighter, stronger parts with 3-D lattice structures

Three-dimensional lattice structures are strong, lightweight elements that are usually too complex to model. With this release, modeling these powerful structures is now fast and easy. You can generate 3-D lattice structures on the interior of any faceted or BREP model. Choose from nearly 15 lattice shapes, along with detailed spacing and size inputs to allow for maximum flexibility.

Design lighter stronger parts with 3-d lattice structures

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View parts and assemblies from the inside out

When modeling complex 3-D designs, visualization of internal cavities or hard-to-reach areas may be difficult. This is especially true for large assemblies and castings with internal faces. You can now view your models using a 3-D fly-through or 3-D walk-through display that renders the scene around your view rather than a view from outside your model.

View parts and assemblies from the inside out

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ANSYS SpaceClaim is a best-in-class tool for concept modeling, performing design iterations and defeaturing geometry for simulation-related tasks.

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