ANSYS Enterprise Cloud Capabilities

End-to-end Simulation

ANSYS Enterprise Cloud delivers the unmatched ANSYS multiphysics simulation platform throughout the simulation lifecycle including interactive pre-processing, solver computations on auto-scaling HPC clusters, 3-D graphical post-processing, and powerful data management.

Compared to batch-only cloud solutions, this end-to-end process ensures productive access to simulation on the cloud-minimizing the time and cost to move files. The ANSYS Cloud Gateway is a web-based user environment, ensuring productive access to familiar application interfaces in the cloud.

Enterprise Cloud Capability: End-to-end Simulation

Completely Secure Workflows

Delivered on the Amazon Web Services global cloud infrastructure, ANSYS Enterprise Cloud can be replicated in multiple zones, providing global access to a consistent set of tools and data for enhanced engineering collaboration.

Enterprise Cloud protects the key IP contained in your simulation data, replacing decentralized desktop or local data storage with credentialed access to a highly redundant centralized cloud repository on Amazon Simple Storage Service™. Cloud security best practices and encryption tools ensure that your data is secure.

Enterprise Cloud Capability: Completely Secure Workflows

Anytime, Anywhere HPC Access

Engineers today routinely simulate at a scale and level of complexity that was unimaginable a decade ago: more complex physics, more parts, more design alternatives, smarter more connected products. This naturally pushes demands on computing infrastructure: more cycles, more RAM, more cores, more storage.

Enterprise Cloud provides a common platform to access simulation tools with scale-on-demand HPC capacity. This allows you to use as much computing infrastructure as you need, when you need it, enabling you to analyze your product designs faster.

Enterprise Cloud Capability: Anytime, Anywhere HPC Access

Economical On-Demand Pricing

Enterprise Cloud supports ANSYS Elastic Licensing, enabling you to fully leverage the pay-per-use business model on the public cloud for both hardware and software. Elastic Licensing provides pay-per-use access to virtually every ANSYS product, ensuring you will never run out of licenses when you need them.

It supports the combination of traditional licensing (leased & paid-up) with pay-per-use licensing to obtain the optimal value for your company’s investment in simulation. You can, for example, use traditional licensing for steady workloads and use elastic capacity for peak demands or for products you use infrequently.

Elastic Licensing works by providing a pool of “ANSYS elastic units,” which you consume at a specified hourly rate that varies by the type of activity (pre and post-processing, solving, etc.). Usage reports provide a breakdown of the products used to enable department showback/chargeback as well as to guide future license purchasing decisions.

Enterprise Cloud enables you to complete your end-to-end engineering simulation workloads using almost the full ANSYS software portfolio, while taking advantage of the elastic nature of cloud hardware to match your hardware infrastructure to your simulation needs in the moment.

Enterprise Cloud Capability: Economical On-Demand Pricing

Near-instant Deployment

Enterprise Cloud provides a turnkey virtual simulation data center that runs in your secure, dedicated account on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud. It is a ready-to-go solution that has been tested and certified by ANSYS and is fully supported. It can be deployed and ready for you to run simulations in a matter of hours ensuring that you do not incur costly internal investment or delays.

Enterprise Cloud Capability: Near-instant Deployment

Data and Process Management

Every day designers and engineers use diverse simulation tools, algorithms and applications to design and develop their products. To streamline their workflows and automate data exchange between disconnected tools, they seek ways to combine these tools with ANSYS products in a consistent and parametric environment.

Enterprise Cloud is designed for extensibility and customization, allowing you to build in job-management support and support data management for both ANSYS and non-ANSYS tools. Enterprise Cloud delivers a platform that adapts to your unique needs and incorporates all of the tools that you require.

Enterprise Cloud Capability: Data and Process Management