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Imported Trace
PCB Imported Metal Trace Fraction

Structural analysis of detailed Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) often means either simplifying the model or enduring impractical setup and solve times. This impacts the quality and accuracy of your simulations. In ANSYS 17.0, you can now model PCBs using the actual ECAD (Electronic CAD) file used in manufacturing. Previously, you had the choice of either approximating PCBs with one material model or applying much more time-consuming methods to get detailed PCB models. This could include trying to map layouts onto models using images or manually applying layout details onto geometry. You could employ scripts in some instances to try and speed up this process, but that was far from an ideal solution. The new ability to take ECAD data and directly map trace information onto a structural FEA model means high fidelity PCB simulations can be built quickly. It removes bottlenecks and manual processes around data translation, so you can now easily build accurate models and design more durable, reliable electronics systems.

Electromigration in Solder Joint

The ability to model complex material properties increases model resolution by many orders of magnitude, and the time saved over manual processes means that both accuracy and speed are increased, leading to a 10x improvement in which simulations take minutes to solve instead of hours or even days.

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