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ANSYS SCADE covers all facets of embedded technologies using a model-based embedded software development and simulation environment with a built-in automatic code generator. Our products enhance your ability to design automated driver assist systems (ADAS), human-machine interfaces (HMIs), digital twins, avionics systems and all other applications requiring embedded software for control and safety.

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Visit us at booth 4-303 to view some of the newest embedded software capabilities and to learn hands-on from our in-booth demonstrations. You’ll discover:

 SCADE Enhancements in Just Released ANSYS 17.0

  • How ANSYS SCADE continues to be the leader in certification for aerospace and defense, auto, industrial equipment, rail and nuclear applications. We have achieved over 100 certifications in aerospace and defense — an industry milestone. ANSYS 18 features include
    • Dedicated solutions for automotive applications with AUTOSAR compliance
    • Expansion of the SCADE Avionics Package with support for FACE 2.1 and 3.0
  • How SCADE Display now includes a certified code generator and enhanced OpenGL capabilities to help you design human-machine interfaces (HMIs) across industries, including aerospace and automotive.
  • How ANSYS Simplorer Entry coupled with SCADE lets you perform software and hardware co-simulation for embedded software design and modeling of complete, complex physical systems.
  • How you can simulate complete power electronics applications using ANSYS Maxwell for design of electromechanical components in conjunction with ANSYS Simplorer for systems simulation and ANSYS SCADE for embedded software development.
  • How can an ANSYS-driven digital twin predict the remaining life of a safety-critical relay

In-Booth Demonstrations

SCADE Automotive package demo

SCADE Automotive package demo
Discover how the new SCADE Automotive package, just released in ANSYS 18, can help systems and software engineers to quickly design AUTOSAR and ISO 26262-compliant applications.


Learn how SCADE now supports Khronos OpenGL SC 2.0 for critical avionics and automotive HMI software.

Simplorer–SCADE Co-simulation demo

Simplorer–SCADE Co-simulation demo
By integrating ANSYS Simplorer and ANSYS SCADE Suite in co-simulation mode, you can simultaneously perform systems simulation and embedded software design to create digital prototypes.



Learn how a relay and its digital twin interact to analyze and predict possible problems with the relay and extend its lifetime. Data from sensors on the relay are fed to the digital twin, which uses ANSYS simulation solutions to analyze the relay’s wear state and calculate its remaining useful life.


Forum Presentations

Don’t miss the chance to hear ANSYS experts speaking on these timely topics:

Predictive Analytics Simulation and the Digital Twin Enabled
with ANSYS Technology

Fabrice Pena

Fabrice Pena, ANSYS GmbH

Tuesday, 14.03.2017, 1:00 p.m.
Hall 4 // Stand 4-422

Discover how pervasive engineering simulation can assist you in the design and analysis of your equipment and the systems that control them so that you can meet your IIoT engineering and business objectives. Topics include system-level modeling and simulation, integration with 3-D physics, and embedded systems and software engineering.

Enabling Autonomous Vehicle Technologies
with ANSYS Tools

Christian Schrader

Christian Schrader, ANSYS GmbH

Thursday, 16.03.2017, 10:00 a.m.
Hall 4 // Stand 4-422

Learn how ANSYS provides all the tools you need to develop sensors and embedded software for ADAS, including connections to third party tools for automobile environment simulation. ANSYS engineering solutions enable faster engineering of antenna and radar development, and can help you simulate a full digital prototype.


Customer Case Studies

Learn how our customers are using ANSYS simulations to solve their toughest embedded software challenges.

Meggitt Video

Meggitt Video

DLR Automotive

DLR Automotive



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