Platform Product Highlights

The ANSYS simulation platform is the cornerstone of a comprehensive and integrated simulation system. It enables you to create highly productive workflows by providing you with a consistent framework where you integrate applications and leverage common engineering data to gain access to even greater multiphysics and system level insights. ANSYS 18 makes simulation easier and faster, regardless of your level of expertise. New tools in ANSYS ACT help you customize workflows and create vertical applications, and new capabilities in ANSYS EKM enable you to perform intelligent data searches and access HPC clusters over a web interface. Performance enhancements in ANSYS DesignXplorer accelerate design optimization for even large designs, and a new 3-D results viewer empowers you to quickly share your results with your coworkers and technology partners.

Easily create ANSYS apps to tailor your workflows

The ACT App Builder helps you to quickly and interactively create apps with minimum development effort using a remarkably simple graphical user interface, eliminating the need to write scripts for custom apps.

Transform how you run simulations with vertical ANSYS apps

With the release of ANSYS 18, companies can transform how they use simulation by creating innovative and highly-intuitive vertical applications specific to their businesses. You can create an application environment with all the tools you need from a single consistent user interface, making it easier for both expert and non-expert users to adopt best simulation practices.

Customize your workflows with powerful yet simple automation APIs

Whether you use the ACT console or develop workflow task callbacks, the new ANSYS Workbench Automation APIs enable you to easily navigate through workflow elements in an efficient integration environment.

Access your HPC environment anytime, anywhere

ANSYS EKM lets you access your on-premise centralized compute clusters using a web browser interface. Simulation analysts can launch, monitor and control their batch or interactive jobs on remote compute resources anytime and from anywhere.

Manage your third-party simulation data

At ANSYS 18, EKM can now perform intelligent data search and retrieval of third-party simulation data that is added to workflows. You can automatically extract metadata, generate detailed reports and create images from third-party simulation files for easy retrieval and reuse.

Quickly optimize your design, no matter your expertise level

Design exploration accuracy is dependent on the accuracy of the response surfaces generated. ANSYS 18 introduces a new Genetic Aggregation Response Surface (GARS) algorithm that enables non-expert users to generate the most accurate response surface for quick product design optimization. The algorithm finds the best combination of metamodels, settings, kernel variations and polynomial regressions, all optimized for minimum root mean square error (RMSE), for each output. Now you can run larger design point studies faster, as the design table performance is significantly improved, with 50 percent faster load and 400 percent faster evaluation of the types of selected cells, which improves the speed of the context menu. Algorithms like GARS have been refactored to be faster and use 40 percent less memory.

View and share 3-D simulation results using ANSYS Viewer

Sharing simulation results is difficult if your coworkers or customers do not have access to specialized simulation software. The new ANSYS Viewer enables you to export simulation results in a smaller, neutral file format so you can share your results in 3-D. Reviewers and collaborators can view, manipulate and comment on these small files for quick and easy collaboration.

Platform Products

The ANSYS ACT App Builder lets you quickly create custom simulation apps with minimum development effort using a simple graphical user interface.

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