Embedded Software Product Highlights

Specialized automotive and avionics applications are becoming more complex than ever, while still requiring the highest levels of safety and quality in the overall system. ANSYS 18 enables you to develop complex, high-integrity embedded applications that comply with the automotive open system architecture standard (AUTOSAR) and meet industry standards such as ISO-26262 and the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE). Bundling ANSYS SCADE Architect and ANSYS SCADE Display with each other gives you a seamless environment for effectively using the most advanced technologies for 3-D simulation and embedded systems and software design.

SCADE Architect Integration with medini analyze

With the release of ANSYS 18.2, ANSYS medini analyze now integrates with SCADE Architect, the ANSYS system and software architecture modeling tool.

The ANSYS SCADE Suite product line has set the standard in the global aerospace and automotive industries for system architecture modeling and automated generation of embedded software code. SCADE's proven, step-by-step method for modeling a robust control system architecture ensures that all critical components that govern braking, steering and other functions work together seamlessly and reliably. Software engineers can work quickly and efficiently to generate mission-critical code, with the assurance that they will meet both regulatory standards and project deadlines.

ANSYS medini analyze automates the modeling and verification of functional safety for electronic control systems in domains like automotive and aerospace. Similar to ANSYS SCADE, medini analyze provides a step-by-step modeling and verification process. The result is a system architecture that accounts for the safe, reliable interactions of dozens of components. In addition, medini analyze automates the analysis of failure modes and the response of the overall system under a wide range of operating scenarios.

By using these two specialized modeling tools together, for the first time engineers in the industry have a seamlessly integrated toolkit. The same reliable, step-by-step process will ensure the creation of system architectures that meet all relevant industry standards for safety and control — quickly and cost-effectively.

SCADE Architect Function Model import into medini analyze
SCADE Architect Function Model import into medini analyze

Develop complex, high-quality applications that meet ISO-26262 requirements and AUTOSAR standards

The Automotive package delivers a solution for developing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) applications, including displays, that fulfill ISO-26262 requirements. The package includes AUTOSAR capability to efficiently design software components.

Design and generate code for FACE 3.0 components

Now you can develop applications that meet FACE consortium’s standard that promotes software computing environments that are reusable across different air platforms.

Prototype complete digital systems with Simplorer Entry bundled with SCADE Architect

The combination of embedded software, electronic and hardware challenges significantly increases the complexity of the product architecture and expands the scope of the engineering design. With ANSYS Simplorer Entry and SCADE Architect together, you can assemble these different components into complete virtual prototypes of software-controlled, multidomain systems that can be used throughout the whole product lifecycle, from the initial concept phase to product operation.

Master high-integrity embedded software complexity

ANSYS SCADE Architect and ANSYS SCADE Suite bundle gives you a seamless flow from software architecture to certifiable automatic code generation, and enables you to efficiently develop applications for embedded software architecture design at the highest safety levels.

Reduce certification costs for avionics and automotive display systems

The combination of ANSYS SCADE Display certified and automatic code generation toolchain and OpenGL SC 2.0 enables you to address the unique and stringent certification requirements of safety-critical and high-reliability display system markets, including FAA DO-178C and EASA ED-12C Level A for avionics, and ISO 26262 safety standards for automotive.

The ANSYS SCADE Automotive package creates application software components that comply with the AUTOSAR standard.

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