Advanced Electronics Design

Designing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), IoT, 5G and other high-performance digital systems demands simulation technology with capabilities well beyond a good circuit simulation tool. Take your designs to the next level with ANSYS Chip-Package-System (CPS) design flow to maximize power efficiency and accurately predict signal integrity, power integrity, EMI and important electrothermal behaviors. ANSYS CPS lets you analyze circuits and systems  as part of the broader 3-D electromagnetic assembly solution. With ANSYS CPS you can virtually “assemble” an electronic system with IC packages, printed circuit boards, connectors and cables just as you would in the real world, then analyze that system using appropriate simulation technology. The addition of transient circuit analysis directly from 3-D layouts makes ANSYS CPS easy to use for real-world 3-D designs.

This first-in-the-industry design flow automatically produces transient plots for time domain reflectometry (TDR), eye diagrams and compliance reports, while performing direct current (DC) joule heating stress analyses to predict the mechanical reliability of electronic components. It’s a chip-package-board solution that helps you to evaluate electrical, thermal and structural behavior so your design team can optimize system performance prior to building and testing a prototype.

Cooling and CPS Methods to Boost Reliability