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Si utiliza las soluciones ANSYS con una licencia individual por primera vez, o si eres un experto en simulación con un equipo de ingenieros que tienen acceso a nivel corporativo a nuestro software, quiere estar seguro de aprovechar al máximo su inversión. Los servicios de consulting de ANSYS pueden garantizarle esto. Si necesita asesoría sobre el uso más eficiente de un producto con simulación única; una evaluación completa de sus actuales procesos de simulación con programa de mejora; o si necesita instalación, implementación y optimización completa de un software de simulación a nivel corporativo, podemos ayudarle. Le acompañaremos en su selección del servicio de consulting más adecuado que mejor cumple sus necesidades.

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Simulation-Driven Product Development (SDPD) Assessment

By auditing your product development process and simulation practices, ANSYS experts can help create a vision for your organization by comparing the assessment findings with industry best practices to identify areas where you could be using simulation more effectively. This analysis will be used to develop an SDPD Roadmap — a plan for future simulation process improvements aligned with your key business initiatives and critical success factors.

Enterprise Deployment and Adoption

Deploying ANSYS software for enterprise-wide use is the best way to ensure that everyone in your organization has access to our powerful simulation solutions. The ELA Deployment and Adoption package ensures that all components are installed and set up correctly, all IT systems are optimized for best results, and all stakeholders are trained. We analyze your environment and workflows; develop a phased roadmap to build, test and deploy ANSYS software to maximize productivity and adoption; and ensure end users are properly trained and supported to maximize productivity and value delivered.

Embedded Expert

An Embedded Expert is a full-time ANSYS employee dedicated to working hand in hand with your organization, showing you how to use ANSYS simulation solutions most effectively to solve your specific product development challenges. Such a close working relationship will help you to quickly learn how to use ANSYS solutions and adopt simulation best practices. Your Embedded Expert can also help to identify new ways to apply ANSYS technologies and services, saving you time and money as you speed your new product to market.

Mentoring Expert

"The Mentoring Expert offering from ANSYS allowed us at Vaillant to speed up our learning process by at least 50 percent to properly use a new software module in ANSYS Fluent. This enabled us to immediately and successfully use the new software capabilities in the design optimization of our products."
- Stefan Schweitzer-De Bortoli, Vaillant Group

Have an ANSYS Principal Consultant show you how to use your ANSYS simulation solutions more effectively to solve product development problems. Your mentor can demonstrate features that are unfamiliar to you, or show you how to better perform tasks that you already do routinely. With the help of an ANSYS Mentoring Expert, you'll be able to solve design problems much more efficiently using the knowledge you've gained.

Strategic Projects

If you are applying ANSYS solutions to solve problems new to you, our Strategic Projects offering is what you need. You’ll have access to an ANSYS Principal Consultant for a minimum of two weeks to help you solve challenging problems in new fields. We can help you with simulation workflow improvement, process compression and customization for greater solution flexibility.

Engineering Knowledge Manager (EKM) Deployment

Get up and running with ANSYS Engineering Knowledge Manager (EKM) faster, without facing the risks and costs of going it alone. With deployment services from ANSYS, our professionals will set up your system for simulation data management, remote job submissions and deploy EKM to your user community. EKM Deployment services are the fastest way to maximize investment and shorten time to value.

ANSYS Enterprise Cloud (AEC) Deployment

The ANSYS Enterprise Cloud (AEC) is the most cost-effective way for you to simulate in the cloud. With the AEC Deployment package, we install AEC in your environment and set up your system for simulation data management and remote job submissions. You will then be ready to deploy AEC to your entire user community.

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DCNS got a jump start on the design of a project in renewable energy with the help of the ANSYS ACE consulting team. With Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) ammonia in a closed system is boiled using the temperature rise near the surface, compared with water 3,000 feet below. The vaporized ammonia at a high pressure drives a turbine generator that produces electricity.

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"Our internal policy is that using CFD reduces flow modeling uncertainties by a third over using the industry standard linearized models. … The consulting and support services provided by ANSYS significantly reduced the time needed to deploy this powerful modeling capability in an HPC cluster environment."
Christopher Rodaway, CFD Engineer & Wind Analyst, Resource Assessment, SSE

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