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Welcome to the ANSYS UK Training Center

All of our courses are aimed at increasing one’s capability, capacity, productivity and performance in the use of ANSYS software. Our training is delivered by engineers experienced in both the software and the industries ANSYS serve. Therefore, allowing you to gain (and improve) skills and expertise from the best in the industry.

There are 3 types of training

  • Introductory Training: Targeted to get you started with ANSYS software.
  • Advanced Training: Targeted for experience users to engage in more complex simulation.
  • Specific training: Tailored to your application and simulation needs.

Training courses are ran, classroom, Online (Webex) and Private.

ANSYS Named Subscriptions

ANSYS Named Subscriptions allow ANSYS users unlimited access to all scheduled classroom and online training classes for 12 months. A named subscription is ideal if you want to get trained on multiple products or if you want to attend an introductory training class for a particular product and the associated follow-on advanced classes for that product.  ANSYS will even help you develop a training plan if you are unsure of which courses you should take or need to take for the particular ANSYS products you are using in your job.  Named subscriptions are currently priced at 2,000 USD in North America, 2,000 Euros in Europe, and 1,600 GBP in the UK.  If you plan to attend more than three days of training, the Named Subscription is a cost effective product for getting the ANSYS training you need to efficiently perform your job.  If you would like more information on Named Subscriptions, please contact if you are located in North America or if you are located in Europe, the UK, or the Middle East.

ANSYS Online Training

We are pleased to bring to you, an extensive range of both introductory and advanced courses online covering Structural Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics, Explicit Dynamics, Electromagnetics, Hydrodynamics & Multiphysics.

These courses are delivered by Webex by an experienced trainer and consist of 2-hour daily sessions.

These comprehensive online courses are designed to save you valuable time, yet still delivering the high standard of training that our customers expect and what ANSYS are renowned for.

You will find all our courses below for both classroom and online training, and a complete list can be seen here.

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ANSYS UK Training Courses

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ANSYS Hydrodynamics

ANSYS Workflow Technologies

ANSYS Focus Day & Advanced Training Courses

As well as providing frequently scheduled courses for all our software products, we also find many of our customers benefit from our Focus Days / advanced training, focusing on particular applications. These courses can either be delivered from our own purpose-built training facilities around the UK, or delivered at a client’s own premises.

If you wish to discuss scheduling an advanced course or a Focus Day, please contact us on the details provided above.

ANSYS Fluent

  • ANSYS AeroAcoustics
  • ANSYS Combustion
  • ANSYS Automotive HVAC and Underhood
  • ANSYS Dynamic Mesh
  • ANSYS Heat Transfer
  • ANSYS Positive Displacement Pumps
  • ANSYS Spray and Particle Modelling
  • ANSYS ​Fluent Meshing (​TGrid​)​ (2 days)
  • ANSYS Turbulence Modelling


  • ANSYS Combustion and Radiation
  • ANSYS Customisation (of CFX Pre,Solver and Post)
  • ANSYS Fluid-Structure Interaction
  • ANSYS Turbomachinery

ANSYS Mechanical

  • ANSYS Mechanical Nonlinear Materials
  • ANSYS Advanced Contact
  • ANSYS Design Explorer
  • ANSYS Fatigue
  • ANSYS Fracture Mechanics
  • ANSYS Heat Transfer
  • ANSYS Multibody Dynamics
  • ANSYS Rigid Dynamics

ANSYS Explicit Dynamics and Autodyn

  • ANSYS Autodyn Explicit Dynamics Material Modelling for Ductile and Explosive Materials
  • ANSYS Autodyn Explicit Dynamics Material Modelling for Brittle/Geological and Composite Materials
  • ANSYS Autodyn User Subroutines
  • ANSYS DesignModeler and Meshing for Explicit Dynamics and Autodyn


Introductory / Scheduled Courses:

  • All our introductory courses (inc. advanced courses where scheduled) are priced at £425 per person per day.
  • Academic customers are entitled to a 40% discount on our scheduled courses.
  • The prices shown are in UK-pounds and are exclusive of VAT.

Advanced Training and Focus Days

  • All our courses can be run on-demand and held at one of our UK training facilities. We recommend no more than 8 delegates per course.
  • We do not offer an academic discount on these courses.
  • Please contact us for a price.

On-Site Training

We can deliver any of our courses on-site, to any location. We recommend no more than 8 delegates per course.

  • Please contact us for a price.