ANSYS Mechanical Rigid and Flexible Dynamic Analysis

Date March 28, 2013 (1 day)

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ANSYS Rigid and Flexible Dynamic Analysis (pdf)

The ANSYS Rigid and Flexible Dynamic Analysis training course covers rigid and flexible body kinematics analysis using the Workbench-Simulation interface.

Students attending this 1-day training course will learn how to perform a Rigid body analysis that assumes rigid links between joints of a multi-bodied structure and calculates motion only at those joints. In addition, students will learn how to perform a Flexible body analysis that is similar to a Rigid body analysis except that it includes not just the joint motion but also considers the stiffness, mass, and damping effects of the flexible links.

The advantages of a Rigid body analysis include:

  • Very fast solutions
  • Rigid bodies are connected with joints resulting in a minimum number of dof
  • Very robust, no convergence issues
  • Graphics provide complete visualization of the part motion
  • Can be used interactively to test kinematics
  • Can include springs and dampers

The advantages of a Flexible body analysis include:

  • Bodies can be flexible
  • All nonlinearities are supported
  • All boundary conditions are supported
  • Surface to surface contact between bodies can be included
  • Rigid or flexible can be used on a part by part basis

Course Topics:

  • Introduction to ANSYS Rigid and Flexible Dynamic Analysis
  • Rigid Body Dynamic Setup
  • Joints and Springs
  • Rigid Body Dynamic Solution Setup and Joint Conditions
  • Rigid Body Dynamic Postprocessing
  • Flexible Dynamic Analysis

The training course also includes "hands-on" workshops for the students to complete.

Fee: Rs 9,000/- Applicable Taxes
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