Confirmed Abstracts


Confirmed Abstracts


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Selected Abstracts - PUNE

SMCC2014047 Design and analysis of the photoacoustic gas cell for trace gas detection SAMEER, Mumbai
SMCC2014066 Probabilistic Design of Artificial Human Heart Valves Using ANSYS Infosys Limited
SMCC2014006 Structural Analysis of Offshore Skid Using ANSYS Workbench 14.5’ Halliburton Technology India Pvt. Ltd, Pune
SMCC2014007 Structural Borne Noise prediction in Electric Power Steering Motor using Ansys Brose India Automotive Systems Pvt.Ltd
SMCC2014068 Optimisation of Bolt Configuration on Terminal Tractor frame Cargotec Engineering India.
SMCC2014069 Crack analysis of enclosure under bursting pressure ABB India Limited
SMCC2014075 Structural Analysis of the Drag Strut and Dynamic analysis of Aircraft Landing gear KL University
SMCC2014076 Power Spectral Density analysis of a missile launcher platform R&DE (Engrs.), DRDO
SMCC2014078 Design and optimisation of a parallel manipulator for Assistance in laparoscopic surgery camera positioning KL University
SMCC2014023 A coupled field analysis of rod guide and seal assembly of an automotive shock absorber using ANSYS Mechanical Gabriel India Limited, Central Research and development, Pune
SMCC2014032 Fatigue Analysis of Reactor Aker Solutions, Mumbai
SMCC2014037 Finite element characterisation and experimental validation of a preloaded sliding joint Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Indian Space Research Organization
SMCC2014014 Calculation of mechanical strength &weld evaluation of Transformer tank under Over pressure Crompton Greaves  
FDCC2014005 Numerical simulation and validation of airflow and cool down performance of an automotive HVAC system Subros Limited 
FDCC2014030 Numerical Aerodynamic Investigations of the New Realistic Generic DrivAer Car Model Tata Consultancy Services, Pune
FDCC2014039 An analysis on the side-window buffeting using CFD TATA technologies ltd.
FDCC2014042 Optimization of SEN Design for Wide Casters using CFD Approach JSW Steel Ltd., Vijayanagar Works, Toranagallu, Karnataka.
FDCC2014009 Seakeeping simulations for Marine industry using CFX Indian Register of Shipping
FDCC2014023 Advanced fluid analysis of CFBC boiler heat exchanger at Bharat Oman Refineries Ltd. Maulana Azad National Institute Of Technology, Bhopal
FDCC2014032 CFD Modelling of Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) and Industrial Flue Gas Duct Tridiagonal Solution Pvt. Ltd.
FDCC2014055 CFD optimization of tube layout in a cross flow air-air heat exchanger Global R&D, Crompton Greaves ltd., Kanjur Marg (E), Mumbai-42
FDCC2014056 Optimization of Aluminium Melting Furnace using Smart Engineering Tool Sterlite Technologies Ltd
FDCC2014068 Human Comfort Study of a Bus Passenger Cabin using CFD TATA technologies ltd.
FDCC2014069 Use of EDEM – Fluent (DEM – CFD) Coupled Simulation to Understand Tablet Die Filling Tridiagonal Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
FDCC2014070 FSI Simulation of Reed Valve Cummins Research and Technology India Limited (CRTI)  


Selected Abstracts - Bangalore

FDCC2014011 Transient CFD Simulation of Propellant Flow Behaviour during the Start Transient of a Subscale Rocket Combustion Chamber Liquid Propulsion Systems Center/ISRO
FDCC2014015 New Approach to improve the Heat Exchanger Model Prediction in CFD solver General Motors India Pvt. Ltd.
FDCC2014061 Thermal Analysis and Design Optimization of Vehicle Mount L&T Technology Services
FDCC2014019 Vehicle Wading Simulation Using Fluent Mahindra & Mahindra
FDCC2014025 Thermal Analysis in EGR Assembly Valeo India Pvt Ltd, Chennai
FDCC2014057 Hydrodynamics study of Industrial scale Fluidized Bed Heat Exchanger using CFD Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited 
FDCC2014063 Enchanced Aerodynamic efficiency of passenger aircraft: Star + Winglets = Starlets GKN Aerospace
FDCC2014001 Numerical Investigation of Coupled Fluid Flow & Heat Transfer in a Funnel Shaped Thin Slab Caster Mold Research & Development and Scientific Services, Tata Steel
FDCC2014003 Optimization of Hydrogen - air mixing in a SI engine intake manifold - A simulation study National Institute of Technology Karnataka , Surathkal
FDCC2014004 Boiling induced instability in plate heat exhanger Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Ltd.
FDCC2014020 Drag coefficient estimation of Landing gear of Light aircraft using CFD Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment (CVRDE), DRDO
FDCC2014034 Thermal Simulation of the water cooled alternator Valeo India Pvt Ltd, Chennai
FDCC2014035 Flow Characterization of a Spool-Sleeve type Flow Control Valve and Pressure Balancing Groove Shape Optimization in the Micro-Clearance using CFD Analysis Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE)
FDCC2014036 CFD Simulation and optimization of the heat transfer and fluid flow in oblique finned microchannel heatsinks Microwave tube Research & Development center, Jalahalli, Bangalore
FDCC2014045 Thermal Performance evaluation of Automotive Starter battery unit using CFD & Heat Transfer L&T Technology Services
FDCC2014046 Evaluation of Thermal Comforts inside a Cruise ship Larsen & Toubro – Technology Services
FDCC2014049 CFD Model Validation of Forward Curved Blower Ingersoll Rand Technology & Service Pvt. Ltd
FDCC2014060 Thermal management and performance Optimization of Telecommunication Base station using CFD techniques L&T Technology Services
SMCC2014010 Numerical and Analytical Methods for Obtaining Plastic Strain Using Neuber’s Approach BHEL Corporate Research & Development Division, Hyderabad
SMCC2014038 Structural validation of off-highway vehicle using INERTIA Relief L&T Integrated Engineering Services
SMCC2014004 Automation of Nonlinear contact analysis of Aerospace components Honeywell
SMCC2014058 Sine on Random Vibration Analysis Study HCL Technologies Ltd, SEZ, Bangalore.
SMCC2014060 “Submodeling” approach for transient dynamic analysis of sub-systems Infotech Enterprises Limited
SMCC2014065 Unshared Model workflow approach to resolve unrealistic high temperature in Thermal-stress analysis HCL Technologies Ltd.
SMCC2014036 Structural Optimization of High Speed Rotating Machinery Rotor using
ANSYS WorkBench/Design Explorer
Infotech Enterprises Limited
SMCC2014026 Dynamic Soil-Structure interaction analysis of tall chimney using Finite Element Method National Institute of Technology Karnataka
SMCC2014041 Finite Element Analysis of Crude condensate drum & saddle under wave loading L&T - VALDEL Engineering Ltd.
SMCC2014052 Best Practices in Mechanical Simulation of Snapfits in Thermoplastics components of Vehicle Interior Systems using ANSYS Mechanical and MAPDL Valeo India Private Limited
SMCC2014072 Numerical Simulation of Erosion of Air Turbine Wheel under impact of sand particles present in the air supplied and Evaluation of the fatigue life AERDC, HAL
SMCC2014077 Non-linear FEM calculation of wiper arm using ANSYS Workbench. Valeo India Private Limited
SMCC2014055 Optimization of Flexible Couplings/ Flexible Supports Using ANSYS Workbench Infotech Enterprises Limited, Hyderabad
SMCC2014082 Impact analysis of the free falling steel insert used in hand brake valve WABCO India Ltd., Chennai
SMCC2014028 Thermal performance of Kiln Seal: Finite element Analysis and Experimental study FLSmidth Private Limited
SMCC2014017 Free vibration analysis of rotating functionally graded beams and GLARE using finite element analysis Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore
SMCC2014022 Dynamic Simulation for Electronic Products in ANSYS to speed up regulatory compliance requirements Infosys Ltd.
SMCC2014046 Finite Element Analysis of Axial Compression of Stiffened GFRP Composite sheels using ANSYS® Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi


Selected Abstracts - New Delhi

FDCC2014014 CFD approach for trouble shooting of Sulphur Recovery Unit Engineers India Limited
FDCC2014043 Investigation of Flow Profile in  Prismatic and Non prismatic  compound channel      using CFD National Institute Of Technology, Rourkela, Odisha
FDCC2014062 Ventilation study of Gas Turbine Enclosure flow path for effective cooling of hot parts. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
FDCC2014067 Shark Fins in hypersonic inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM) GKN Aerospace
FDCC2014013 CFD analysis of LNG dispersion from relief valves of LNG storage tanks Engineers India Limited
FDCC2014022 Overview of Pump Intake Design Utilizing Numerical Methods Pentair Water India Pvt. Ltd.
SMCC2014011 Concept evaluation and design comparison for the Endo GIA™ Radial Reload with Tri-Staple™ technology, a surgical device - Use of ANSYS for value engineering Covidien Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad, India
SMCC2014029 Seismic analysis of four post rack assembly Pentair Water India Pvt.Ltd.
SMCC2014024 Seismic analysis of vessel assembly Pentair Water India Pvt.Ltd.
SMCC2014030 Failure Analysis of Pinion shaft For a Three Cylinder Reciprocating Pump Pentair Water India Pvt. Ltd. 
SMCC2014053 To study the strength and the deformation behaviour of Plastic Fuel tank and it's Bracket and to develop correlation with the physical test data. Claas India Private limited.


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