ANSYS POLYFLOW - Mixing Course Offering

The length of the course is one day.
Training is from 9:00am to 5:30pm.
Lunch and refreshments will be provided.




The course assumes you have previous experience of using ANSYS® POLYFLOW®.


Course objectives


In this training course, we will present the capabilities of ANSYS® POLYFLOW® with regard to solving complex flows involving highly non-linear rheological and thermal behaviors and how you can take advantage of those results to express them into industrial and usable language. Historically, this Polystat module was developed to provide a quantitative evaluation of a given mixing process (laminar mixing, dispersion, and segregation scale). However, as shown in this session, the interest of this module (a true statistical toolbox) is much larger: determination of the RTD (residence time distribution), the thermal degradation of a polymer, among others.


After a brief theoretical introduction of the mathematical tools, three tutorials are analyzed in detail to give a complete overview of these Polystat module capabilities: comparison of two mixers, analysis of a glass furnace, post-processing of an extrusion process simulation. 

Training Schedule

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