ANSYS DesignModeler Course Offering

The length of the course is one day.
Training is from 9:00am to 5:30pm.
Lunch and refreshments will be provided.


The course assumes you have no prior experience of working with any CFD package, although a background in engineering/physics is assumed.

Learning Objectives

The ANSYS Workbench - DesignModeler training course is for users that want to create and modify geometry in preparation for analysis in ANSYS or ANSYS Workbench. Students who attend this course will learn:

  • how to create and modify geometry in preparation for analysis
  • how to navigate within the Graphical User Interface
  • how to generate 2D sketches and convert them into 2D or 3D models
  • how to modify 2D and 3D geometry
  • how to import existing CAD geometry
  • how to create line bodies and their cross sections in preparation for FE beam analysis
  • how to create surface bodies in preparation for FE shell analysis
  • how to model assemblies
  • how to utilize parameters

Each course chapter is followed by "hands-on" workshops and exercises

Training Schedule

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