ANSYS Benelux Training Center

ANSYS wants to ensure that you obtain the most benefit from your software tools and contribute to the productivity of your organization with as short a learning curve as possible. Comprehensive training solutions encompass a variety of course levels and subject matter to meet your evolving needs.

Covering a broad range of topics from the basic physical concepts to advanced modeling techniques through scheduled classes to customized training at your own site, training solutions are designed to provide you with both the comprehensive and subject-specific knowledge you need to effectively apply ANSYS software tools to solve your engineering problems.

Whether you are new to engineering simulation or a highly skilled specialist, ANSYS can provide the training and guidance you need to succeed.

Training can be delivered in Wavre or on-site. 

If you have any queries, please email us: or telephone: +32 10 45 28 61

Price List

Scheduled Courses

  • CFD Workflow
  • Design Modeler
  • ANSYS Meshing
  • ANSYS Mechanical
  • FLUENT Solver
  • CFX Solver
  • POLYFLOW Solver
  • Fluent Meshing

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Training Guide

Those trainings are given on a regular basis.  You can find below a list of the scheduled courses.

Focus Days

These are very popular, and allow you to have a 1:1 training day with one of our experienced engineers, providing coaching on your own particular application. This day may comprise of a few modules from one of our advanced courses and/or time can be spent on setting up your own model, which you will be able to take away with you electronically at the end of the session.

On-Site Training

We can run any of our training courses at a customers premises at a fixed price for any Benelux location. For non-Benelux locations please contact us, either by email or telephone (as above) for a quote. 

Advanced Training

The table below shows the advanced courses available for our products. This training are not sheduled but given on demand.  Please email us to arrange a date at  Also, if you cannot see what you are looking for, please contact us since the training need can often be met using Focus Days.

Structural Mechanics Fluid Dynamics  Design Optimization

Introduction to ANSYS Composite 


Introduction to ANSYS Icepak Introduction to ANSYS DesignXplorer
Introduction to ANSYS Mechanical APDL

Thermal Modeling 

using ANSYS Icepak

Introduction to ANSYS nCode DesignLife Combustion (Fluent or CFX) Pre-processing
ANSYS Mechanical Heat Transfer Fluid-Structure Interaction (Fluent or CFX) Introduction to ANSYS BladeModeler

ANSYS Mechanical Linear 

and Nonlinear Dynamics

Multiphase (Fluent or CFX) Introduction to ANSYS ICEM CFD

ANSYS Mechanical Rigid Body 


Turbulence (Fluent or CFX) Introduction to ANSYS SpaceClaim

ANSYS Mechanical Structural 


ANSYS Fluent Heat Transfer Introduction to ANSYS TGrid
Hyperelasticity and Curve Fitting  ANSYS Fluent Rotating Machinery Introduction to ANSYS TurboGrid
Implementing User-Programmable
Features in ANSYS
ANSYS Fluent Population Balance  
Using Command Objects

ANSYS Fluent User-Defined Functions 



Solving FSI Applications Using 

ANSYS Fluent and  ANSYS Mechanical

ANSYS Polyflow Extrusion Introduction to ANSYS Aqwa
Electromagnetics  ANSYS Polyflow Blow Molding Introduction to ANSYS Asas
Introduction to ANSYS HFSS ANSYS Polyflow Mixing Explicit Dynamics

Introduction to ANSYS Maxwell 

2-D and 3-D

ANSYS Polyflow Viscoelastic

Introduction to ANSYS Autodyn
Introduction to ANSYS Q3D Extractor   Introduction to ANSYS Explicit STR
 Introduction to ANSYS Simplorer   Introduction to ANSYS LS-DYNA
ANSYS Apache PowerArtist User    
ANSYS Apache RedHawk User     
ANSYS HFSS for Antenna Design    
ANSYS HFSS for Signal Integrity    


ANSYS Benelux Training General Terms

Training Schedule

Start Date




January 19, 2015 2 Introduction to ANSYS Maxwell 2D-3D Wavre, Belgium