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ANSYS takes personal pride in understanding our customers' strategic goals and helping them come to fruition. When you make the decision to work with ANSYS, you are joining a community of engineers who have realized successful analysis outcomes for over 20 years. To support you in implementing our advanced technology solutions, ANSYS offers a complete array of services to address the specific needs of your organization. Whether you are new to flow modeling, or a highly skilled specialist, we can provide the guidance you need to succeed. ANSYS services are available for delivery around the world to help you produce reliable results and achieve a solid return on your software investment.

Training - Starting you off on the right path 

We want to ensure that you obtain the most benefit from your software tools and contribute to the productivity of your organization with as short a learning curve as possible. We do this by providing you with comprehensive training solutions that encompass a variety of learning paths, course levels and subject matter to meet your evolving needs. Covering a broad range of topics from basic fluid mechanics concepts to advanced physical models, and available in a range of learning paths from self-paced CD-ROM and web-based training to customized training at your own site, our training solutions are designed to provide you with all the knowledge you need to effectively apply the software tools to solve your engineering problems.  Learn more

Technical Support - Pointing you in the right direction 

At ANSYS, technical support is the hallmark of our business. From installation support to get the software deployed and running on your hardware through technical support for your specific industrial application, we are driven by the goal of ensuring your success with the software tools. Our engineers are specifically trained in applications related to your industry and possess the expertise and experience to serve as a valuable partner on your engineering projects. Through our support staff, you have access to the largest concentration of flow modeling experts in the world with additional skills and expertise to tackle your most complex simulation issues. As a ANSYS customer, you also have on-demand access to comprehensive web-based product and support resources. Learn more

Consulting - Flow modeling expertise at your finger tips 

Time, resource and other constraints often make outsourcing an attractive solution to your flow modeling needs. But getting the right advice is critical. We have excelled in making our customers successful by capitalizing on our key strengths - the world's largest concentration of flow modeling experts and the best software tools in the market.

We provide a broad range of value-added services from mesh generation through complete problem-to-solution analysis to the development of customized software applications and modeling approaches. Our highly experienced staff of CFD analysts, leading software developers and experts in CAD and mesh generation has successfully taken on some of the most challenging engineering jobs in a variety of industries.  Learn more