ANSYS Benelux

Welcome to ANSYS Benelux


ANSYS Benelux designs, develops, globally markets and supports advanced engineering and scientific simulation software. We provide solutions for understanding how designs and processes behave in real world applications. We service a wide spectrum of industries including aerospace, automotive, defense, education, marine, offshore, petrochemical, power and security. For two decades, the world’s most prestigious companies and institutions have relied on ANSYS Benelux significant, unique and proven technologies coupled with our world-class technical expertise to give them insight to solutions with their most difficult engineering problems.

ANSYS Benelux is a leader in providing sophisticated yet easy to use engineering simulation software. The strengths of the company, our products, and services are demonstrated by: 

  • A prestigious and wide customer base of commercial, governmental and academic organizations worldwide. 
  • The only company providing fully integrated, interactive software for solving complex, non-linear engineering problems. Model creation, analysis and post-processing of results can all be conducted in each software product. 
  • A unique position in providing software for linear, nonlinear, explicit, and multi-body dynamics problems. 
  • Unique, advanced and robust techniques for fluid-structure interaction. 
  • A unique capability in the simulation of solids, liquids, gases and their interaction using FE, CFD, and meshfree techniques. 
  • World-class professional staff, talented engineers and scientists with extensive experience gained from consulting with sophisticated customers. 
  • Excellence in the provision of software support and the flexibility to provide both software products and consulting services.

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