Innovation in semiconductor design and manufacturing is enabling smaller device architectures with higher performance and more energy-efficient devices for powering the smart product revolution. The physics associated with shrinking geometries, especially in the emerging 3D-IC, FinFET and stacked-die architectures bring out design challenges related to power and reliability, affecting design closure. ANSYS simulation and modeling tools offer you the sign-off accuracy and performance needed to ensure the power noise integrity and reliability of even the most complex ICs, taking into account electromigration, thermal effects and electrostatic discharge phenomena.

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Featured Products

  • ANSYS PathFinder

    ANSYS PathFinder simulates electrostatic discharge (ESD) in full-chip SoC and IP designs for planning, verification and sign-off.

  • ANSYS SeaHawk

    ANSYS SeaHawk leverages Big Data through the ANSYS SeaScape architecture, enabling designers of advanced SoCs to assure the EM/IR integrity of their design before sign-off.

  • ANSYS PowerArtist

    ANSYS PowerArtist provides early RTL power estimation and analysis-driven power reduction for RTL-to-GDS design for power methodology.

  • ANSYS RedHawk

    As the de facto standard power integrity and reliability solution, ANSYS RedHawk accurately predicts chip power and noise using voltage drop simulation analysis for the entire power delivery network (PDN), from chip to package to board.

  • ANSYS Totem

    ANSYS Totem is a transistor-level power noise and reliability simulation platform for analog, mixed-signal and custom digital designs.


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XP Semiconductors N.V.

NXP, Inc.

As automotive infotainment units become more complex, designers turn to simulation at chip level to ensure reliable, noise-free performance. Using ANSYS RedHawk and ANSYS Q3D Extractor, NXP engineers designed a new IC chip for a digital automobile radio with a 75 percent footprint reduction, lower costs and superior sound quality. View Case Study