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Connecting the Electrical and Thermal Worlds Together with ANSYS

7. Dezember 2017

11:30 AM - 12.30 PM (IST)


Online via WebEx

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Over past few decades, electronics has changed the way we communicate, work and play. The demand for high performance electronics continues to grow at staggering pace. Trends such as more functionality on smaller footprint, low power, smart electronics etc. are driving the industry. Simulation driven product development helps engineer to improve performance, reduce design cycle, and develop reliable products which can operate in harsh environment. However, to accurately predict real-world performance of electronics, experts from different physics need to team up to perform Multiphysics analysis.

That’s exactly what ANSYS Electronics Desktop provides. It now incorporates ANSYS Icepak (Thermal Integrity simulation tool) within the unified platform for Electromagnetics simulation. ANSYS Electronics Desktop puts “Predictive Thermal Design” directly into the hands of Electrical Engineers and enables them to improve collaboration with Mechanical Engineers. This collaborative approach truly provides a better way for engineers to solve Electro-Thermal problems of any model designed in Mechanical CAD (MCAD) or Electrical CAD (ECAD) environment.

Join us for the webinar where ANSYS will discuss Electro-Thermal design solutions to problems resulting from increased power densities in electronic products. We cover applications that scales from “Chip to End product” and share how ANSYS simulation software can help to predict Electro-Thermal behavior over staggering scales of size that range from a 7nm silicon device to a 15m-long fighter jet.