Thermal Stress Multiphysics

Electronics Thermal Management Using ANSYS Icepak

November 15, 2017

10:00 AM - 2:00 PM (EST)


MicroTek - Cleveland
4500 Rockside Rd
Suite 100
Independence, OH 44131

Krista Loeffler

Join ANSYS for this hands-on event highlighting ANSYS Icepak for thermal management in electronics.

Thermal management in electronics requires that temperatures of all components be maintained within a safe operating range.  The engineering of thermal performance is no longer limited to a single device and its primary cooling mechanism alone, but often involves many other parts in the system — a neighboring package, a distant fan, or a chassis sheet metal.  In addition, multi-physics coupling considerations are required to fully account for the electro-thermal and thermo-mechanical effects on the design.

ANSYS Icepak is a powerful thermal analysis CFD tool that allows engineers to model complex electronic systems, and perform heat transfer and fluid flow simulations on component-level, board-level or system-level applications.  The ability to import and modify MCAD and ECAD geometry, coupled with extensive multi-physics capabilities, as well as accurate body fitted meshing, make Icepak the tool of choice when sign-off accuracy is required.  

In this hands on event, you will hear an overview of ANSYS Icepak and complete a workshops designed to provide a panoramic feel of the ANSYS Icepak workflow.  



Join ANSYS in a demonstration of how engineering simulation can help you address these challenges effectively.