Using User Defined Functions (UDF's) in ANSYS FLUENT


Course Description

This one day advanced training course on using user-defined functions (UDF's) in ANSYS FLUENT is designed for existing users of ANSYS FLUENT and will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to UDF's and how they work with the ANSYS FLUENT code
  • Introduction to C programming
  • ANSYS FLUENT data structure and macros
  • Interpreted versus compiled UDF's
  • User Defined Scalars
  • UDF's for the Discrete Phase Model
  • UDF's for Multiphase Flows
  • UDF's for Parallel Processing
  • Practical examples of UDF's

The advanced UDF course also has several tutorials that the students can work through during class.

This course is offered on Wednesday as part of a multi-day Advanced FLUENT Training. Please consider signing up for one of these other courses which is offered in conjunction with the advanced UDF class:

  • Monday & Tuesday - Advanced Combustion
  • Wednesday - Advanced Turbulence
  • Friday - Advanced Heat Transfer

Training Schedule

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