Introduction to ANSYS TurboGrid

Course Overview

The Introduction to ANSYS TurboGrid course is a one-day training that consists of lectures and "hands-on" practical examples for meshing turbomachinery components.

Course Description

ANSYS TurboGrid is a powerful and user-friendly interactive hexahedral grid generation software tool for bladed components. The ANSYS TurboGrid Introductory training is a one day course covering various topics such as:

  • Importing blade profile geometry from ANSYS BladeModeler and text files
  • Creation and modification of different types of blocking topologies
  • Setting mesh sizing data and other mesh controls
  • Mesh analysis and quality evaluation
  • Tips and tricks on improving mesh quality
  • Generating meshes for ANSYS CFX and ANSYS Fluent
  • Using TurboGrid within the Workbench environment
  • Introduction to the new Automated Topology and Mesh (ATM) method

Training Schedule

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