Introduction to ANSYS Explicit STR

Course Description

This 2-day course is designed for new users who want to become proficient with Explicit STR in Workbench. You will focus on learning core-modeling skills in this comprehensive, hands-on course. After completing the course you will be well-prepared to work effectively on a wide range of transient dynamics applications.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Explicit STR
    • Explicit vs. Implicit
    • Explicit applications
    • Explicit Stability Time step
    • Wave propagation
    • Shockwaves
    • Non-linear response
    • Explicit solution strategy
    • Element formulations
  • Introduction to Workbench
    • User Interface
    • CAD Interface
    • Geometry Import
  • Engineering Data
  • Explicit Dynamics Basics
  • Results Processing
  • Explicit Meshing
  • Body Interactions
  • Analysis Settings
  • Material Models
    • Equation of State
    • Material strength
    • Material failure
    • Concrete, hyper-elastic and orthotropic materials
  • Optimization Studies
    • What If Study
    • Design Explorer

Each course chapter is followed by "hands-on" workshops and exercises.

Training Schedule

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