Introduction to ANSYS BladeModeler

Course Overview

The Introduction to ANSYS BladeModeler course is a one-day training that consists of lectures and "hands-on" practical examples. This course provides an introduction to creating different types of stationary and rotating blade geometry, such as:

  • Centrifugal Compressors, Pumps, and Blowers
  • Radial Turbines - Turbochargers, Francis, Expanders
  • Axial Fans, Inducers, Compressors or Turbines
  • Diffusers, Deswirl Cascades, Guide Vanes

Course Description

The following topics will be discussed in the training:

  • Hub and shroud design
  • 2D Layer generation
  • Ruled Element or Sculpted Blades
  • Linear or Non-Linear Leading and Trailing Edges
  • User Specified Leading and Trailing Edge Shapes
  • Shrouded or Unshrouded Designs
  • Trim Tool for Splitter Blades

In addition to blade creation, attendees will also learn to use DesignModeler to add fillets, modify a hub, add a rotating shroud, and other common turbo-specific features. Users will also undertake a "hands-on" exercise where they generate a blade geometry, mesh the geometry using ANSYS Meshing, set up a CFD simulation using ANSYS CFX Turbo Pre, and examine the results in ANSYS CFX Turbo Post.

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