Introduction to ANSYS AQWA



The course will cover the general use of features within the AQWA Suite and introduces the new Workbench version of AQWA.  An introduction to the expanded Cable Dynamics capabilities will also be included.  The latter is licensed as an additional module and permits coupled cable dynamics associated with deeper waters to be addressed.  


The course includes lectures and workshops with workshops interspersed between lectures to emphasize the concepts discussed in the lecture.

AQWA Programs covered in the course:


  • AQWA-LINE: Wave Diffraction/Radiation Analysis. 
  • AQWA-LIBRIUM: Equilibrium and Stability Analysis.
  • AQWA-FER: Frequency Domain Analysis. Short Crested Waves Cable Dynamics. 
  • AQWA-NAUT: Non-linear Analysis in Time Domain (regular waves) Cable Dynamics. 
  • AQWA-DRIFT: Time Domain Analysis in Irregular Waves for Mooring Systems Cable Dynamics.
  • AQWA-Graphical Supervisor: Mesh Generation, Model Visualisation, Animation, Post Processing, Graphing, Analysis Functions and Cable Dynamics. 
  • AQWA-Hydrodynamic Diffraction: This is the Workbench version of the wave diffraction and radiation analysis.


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