ANSYS Mechanical Rigid Body Dynamics


Mechanical systems often contain complex assemblies of interconnected parts undergoing large overall motion like suspension assembles in ground vehicles, robotic manipulators in manufacturing processes and landing gear systems in aircraft. For a faster, more efficient solution to this class of problems, ANSYS provides an add-on module for rigid multibody dynamics analysis. Rigid body dynamics is the study of the motion of assemblies of bodies that do not deform, but instead move rigidly in 3D space. The free motion of bodies is restrained by joints. The primary unknowns of a rigid dynamics solution are the translation and rotation of each body and the motion in the joints themselves. With a minimal investment in model setup and computational resources, ANSYS Rigid Dynamics leads to a deep understanding of the motion and stability of mechanical systems earlier in the development cycle, when informed engineering decisions are critical. Then, if more fidelity is required as detailed designs emerge, an ANSYS Rigid Dynamics model can easily be converted to a partially or fully flexible representation, one that is capable of capturing large deformations and material nonlinearities. This course will explain how to model such assemblies uisng ANSYS Rigid Dynamics and ANSYS Mechanical.

Course Description

This training course teaches students how to effectively use ANSYS Mechanical to build a mechanical simulation model, analyze it and interpret the results.

Course Topics Include:

  • Introduction
  • Rigid Dynamics Procedure
  • Connections
  • Rigid/Flexible Multibody Dynamics

Each course chapter is followed by "hands-on" workshops and exercises.

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December 14, 2015 4 ANSYS Mechanical Rigid Body Dynamics All, All, Online