Webcast Series: IT Solutions for ANSYS

Series Overview

The expanding use of Simulation-Driven Product Development places growing demands on the IT infrastructure — for computational power, data storage, networking and effective collaboration across geographically distributed teams. ANSYS works with IT industry leaders to understand and demonstrate solution architectures that support a scalable and cost-effective IT deployment of our software. This webcast series shares the knowledge and experience of ANSYS experts and our partners, to support strategic decision making related to IT systems for ANSYS technology.

Live Webinar Schedule

Understanding Hardware Selection for ANSYS 16.0

Hardware selection for engineering simulation software is often a confusing undertaking: Performance can vary with workload, and hardware accelerators add unique and powerful considerations. Optimizing detailed hardware configurations that match both your ANSYS 16.0 software investment and how you use it can be a challenge.

Attend this webinar to learn about recommended hardware configurations, focusing on workstation desktop hardware through a cluster of servers, for various usage and license scenarios that will help you to maximize your return on investment. ANSYS 16.0 benchmark data will be presented to guide you in your own selection. In addition, you will receive recommendations on when to select hardware accelerators like NVIDIA GPUs and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors to speed up your ANSYS simulations.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015  
, 8 PM GMT

Tuesday, July 9, 2015

On-Demand Webinars

Enterprise-Level Simulation on the Amazon Web Services Cloud
Moving engineering simulation to a public cloud platform has great appeal in terms of elastic capacity, business agility and global access. However, the requirements of end-to-end simulation processes can be difficult and time-consuming to implement, and need to follow specific best-practices. ANSYS Enterprise Cloud is a unique solution that delivers the ANSYS platform, with support for full end-to-end workflows, in a secure single-tenant environment on the public cloud. In this presentation we will demonstrate how cloud best-practices for graphics, high performance computing, data management and storage can be delivered as a turnkey solution for ANSYS customers.

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Qorvo: Leader in RF Solutions Gives HPC Insight To Meet Computational Needs
Are your high-frequency electromagnetics models becoming increasingly large and complex while your available time to solve or address them is dwindling? This webinar will provide insight and persuasive real-world HFSS examples on how using high-performance computing (HPC) helps to overcome these challenges.

Special guest Troyce Severe, EDA Systems Engineer at Qorvo, will present how the combination of SGI® UV™ hardware solutions and HFSS helps them simulate a wide range of EM designs from single chips to complete module laminate assemblies. Severe also will address how his company has automated EM simulation of laminate design process corners, yielding reduction in both setup time from hours to minutes, and simulation time from a few days to a few hours.

Qorvo is a leading provider of core technologies and RF solutions for mobile, infrastructure and aerospace/defence applications. It was formed following the merger of RFMD and TriQuint, and has more than 6,000 global employees dedicated to delivering solutions for everything that connects the world.

SGI offers a solution that simplifies high performance computing for CAE. SGI has created an easy to deploy, unified hardware platform that addresses a broad spectrum of ANSYS applications and workloads including HFSS.

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Save Money & Maximize Performance with ANSYS Mechanical 16.0
on Intel Platforms

ANSYS and Intel® teamed to optimize ANSYS Mechanical for the latest Intel processor and coprocessor innovations. Based on these efforts, both the Windows and Linux versions of ANSYS Mechanical 16.0 (including the SMP and DMP versions of each) can now utilize one or more Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors. With Intel's special promotion and ANSYS HPC Workgroups, you can take advantage of Intel coprocessor performance within your qualified existing hardware at a significantly discounted price.

We will show you how ANSYS Mechanical 16.0 can benefit from the latest generation of Intel Xeon E5 v3 processors and also how to upgrade to these processors, along with the Xeon Phi coprocessors, for spectacular sparse solver performance.

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Industry Perspectives on Extreme Scalability for High-Fidelity CFD Simulations

Would you like to make your organization more competitive by scaling to hundreds or even thousands of cores with ANSYS CFD applications? Learn how the combination of Cray’s supercomputing solutions and ANSYS software address the simulation challenges faced by organizations attempting to achieve the highest level of fidelity in their simulation workloads. In this webinar, our special guest, Brian Mitchell, senior principal engineer at GE Global Research will inform us how GE's turbomachinery design teams rely on modeling & simulation software running on world-class high-performance computers. Brian will also provide a discussion on HPC strategy and other enablers.
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Understanding Hardware Selection for ANSYS 15.0
Presenters from HP and ANSYS provide ANSYS 15.0 benchmark data that will guide you in your own selection. The focus is on desktop hardware through workstation clusters and  includes recommendations on when to select graphics processing units (GPUs).
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How to Speed Up ANSYS 15.0 with GPUs
In this 1 hour webinar you’ll learn solver options in ANSYS Fluent 15.0 and performance enhancements to ANSYS Mechanical 15.0 that reduce time to solution through GPUs.
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Cloud Hosting of ANSYS: Gompute On-Demand Solutions
Learn how you can use the Gompute cloud hosting solution to access HPC for ANSYS, including the financial investment and technical requirements for getting started and the business value you can expect to deliver.
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Simplified HPC Clusters for ANSYS Users - IBM Application Ready Solutions
This presentation describes the IBM Application Ready Solution for ANSYS and what it means for users, along with recent benchmark data and some compelling reasons for users to move from workstations to high performance clusters.
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Accelerating Time-to-Results with Parallel I O
Hear how Panasas and ANSYS work together to optimize ANSYS Fluent to take full advantage of the performance and scalability features of Panasas ActiveStor parallel storage system.
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Extreme Scalability for High-Fidelity CFD Simulations
This webinar will review the efforts by Cray, Inc. and ANSYS, Inc. to scale production models to thousands of cores and provide the overall compute environment required to take CFD simulations to the next level of extreme fidelity.
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Methodology and Tools for Compute Performance at Any Scale
This webinar will expose HP’s benchmarking method and show how the principle and benefits of this method can be leveraged in a day-to-day production and will highlight some unique Intellectual property namely HP iLO4 and HP CMU to perform "smart job scheduling".
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Scalable Storage and Data Management for Engineering Simulation
This webcast examines simple strategies for getting started with a database-driven management solution (ANSYS EKM) in combination with storage systems that can grow with your data volume to ensure a secure approach to managing simulation data in today’s mobile computing environment.
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Optimizing Remote Access to Simulation
This webcast explores the solution architecture for collaboration hubs consisting of centrally deployed computational power and data storage, and effective remote/mobile access.
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Understanding Hardware Selection for Structural Mechanics
This webinar identifies recommended hardware configurations for various usage and license scenarios and will help you maximize your return. It includes ANSYS Mechanical benchmark data to guide you in your own selection with a focus on on desktop hardware through workstation clusters, and recommendations on when to select GPUs
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High-Performance Cluster Configurations for ANSYS Fluid Dynamics
In this webcast, a representative from ANSYS partner IBM will share some conclusions about how to optimize performance of ANSYS Fluent on today’s cluster technologies and will recommend specific cluster configurations for entry-level, mid-level and high-end systems.
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