Simulation Collaboration

The extensive simulation process and data management capabilities provided by the ANSYS EKM product can be leveraged directly from the ANSY Workbench environment. ANSYS Workbench provides the option of connecting to the local individual repository or a shared  repository  enabling CAE/simulation collaboration.

ANSYS EKM file transfer client (FTC) can be accessed from ANSYS Workbench.

Transfer of local files to the ANSYS EKM Workgroup or Enterprise repository allows collaborative simulation.

The ANSYS EKM file transfer client can be launched from the file menu in ANSYS Workbench, and files can be transferred from a local project to a central ANSYS EKM server database. By connecting to a shared ANSYS EKM repository to which other users have access, local simulation files can be easily shared to enhance collaboration, and files can be searched and retrieved to promote greater reuse.