ANSYS Engineering Knowledge Manager Enterprise

ANSYS Engineering Knowledge Manager (EKM) software is a web-based multi-user collaborative solution  aimed at meeting the simulation process and data management challenges faced by ANSYS customers. ANSYS EKM is tightly integrated with other ANSYS simulation offerings, and it can  be very easily integrated with other simulation codes, including legacy and other commercial software. ANSYS EKM permits various levels of product deployment. It is truly scalable from individual user to enterprise-level implementations. Multiple users in a workgroup environment can use the ANSYS EKM solution to automate simulation processes and workflows as well as perform project management tasks. This helps to improve communication and collaboration among various group members.

In the case of enterprise-wide deployment, ANSYS EKM can be connected to all applicable components of an established IT environment, such as content manager, file server, relational database and web server. ANSYS EKM Enterprise is an a la carte offering with access to all ANSYS EKM features. Users can select the third-party components necessary to run ANSYS EKM. It is suitable for teams larger than 15 users in which enterprise level collaboration is required.

The distributed services capability available in the ANSYS EKM Enterprise solution allows users to use two services, the cache service and batch service. Cache service allows for faster file and data transfer between multiple remote locations. Batch Service enables the remote execution of simulation jobs on computing clusters using RSM, LSF and SGE, among others.

The ANSYS EKM Enterprise solution allows users to select the appropriate number of ANSYS EKM server licenses, named user licenses and simultaneous user licenses. These can be selected based on the expected usage scenarios and collaboration requirements.

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